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The municipal president of Tekit, José Armando Medina Koh, announced that the fair of the Guayabera was a success as there was an attendance of near 30 thousand people and sales above 30 million pesos and artisans tekiteños have asked the governor of the state, have a presence in the international events organized in the city of Merida.

We will be making a Christmas sale in the same venue, which will not be expanded at the moment, but which will allow a better organization, as there are opinions about improvements, one of them, a credit card payment system, a possible ATM and internet all over the place.

With this, a space for the sale of food and local products, honey, Food, Bakery, all came out very happy because fresh products were offered made by different families and sold out due to the number of people who visited the fair.

Medina Koh stressed that the visit of the Secretary of Economic Development and Labor, Ernesto Herrera Novelo, is expected shortly to establish a mechanism for credit and marketing programs for tekiteñ companies.

This event served because wholesalers and companies from different points of the center came to buy guayaberas. Specifically, it sold more guayabera than women’s clothing, but it will be important now to do an event to show the garments, huipiles, blouses, guaya-blouses, dresses and embroidered clothing that is being manufactured in Tekit and is handmade.

The event was attended by 32 companies, but in December the number of participants is expected to increase significantly after the success and the notorious sales that the craftsmen achieved, which even exceeded expectations.

We have asked the government of the state to be present at the national and international events that will be held in Mérida, both at the Nobel Prize and the tourist tianguis and that artisans present their garments so that more people know the guayaberas that are being manufactured in Tekit.

He anticipated that they have requested to establish points of sale in the city, where the brand “Made In Tekit” is presented, as a reference point of the product and increase the conditions for more people to visit our state to locate the municipality and visit the artisans who expose and sell their products.

“We tekitans are raising our hand to make us constantly present at the events, we are looking for more authorities to support the efforts of the tailors and dressmakers of the municipality to open the presence and sale of the products for tourists coming to our state.

This event also served to the producers of guayabera shirts to hear from the buyers of their requirements, was sold much a guayabera, but also embroidery dress, modern dress, with creations and models that only tekiteños are making and that also goes up the market, because manufacturers may have greater knowledge of the clothes that are applying for the youth, the adults, and since then the traditional garments.

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