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Restaurant business increased 4.49%

In January of this year activity in restaurants (food and beverage services) grew 4.49% compared to similar month of 2018 and totaled 22 months of continuous growth; reported Inei.

It should be mentioned that in the period January-December 2018, this economic activity annualized a variation of 3.50%, according to the results of the monthly restaurant survey that comprised a sample of 1,082 companies.

Restaurant Group

In the month of study, the group of restaurants increased by 4,44%, driven by the increased activity of the establishments of pollerías, fast foods, restaurants, chifas, and creole food.

Also, ice cream shops, meats and grills for major promotions and summer discounts (combos), holding corporate events, extension of schedules, commercial alliances, delivery service and greater dissemination of this area through social networks.

In the same way, cevicherías, sandwich shops, tourist restaurants, Japanese food and pizzeria were in greater demand because of the quality and variety in the charter; online promotions and discount programs in strategic alliances with banks.

Also contributed to this result was the holding of gastronomic fairs such as “Peru, Mucho Gusto-Ilo” and the “VII Festival of Arequipeño ice cream cheese 2019”.

At the same time, the promotion of Peruvian gastronomy abroad continued with the holding of the XVII edition of the International Gastronomy Summit “Madrid Fusion 2019”, in Spain that allowed to position the image of the country abroad.

It should be noted that the 41st edition of the 2019 Dakar Rally, which took place in the country, brought together a greater influx of domestic and foreign tourists.

Other activities

The group of other catering activities increased by 4.05% due to the positive evolution of the food dealers associated with the start of new contracts, continuity of events and personalized service.

It also influenced the increased provision of food for contractors (food services to transport companies) in line with the increased frequency of air and ground travel during the summer season and the start of holidays.

Beverage service

In January 2019, beverage service activities increased by 5.81% explained by a greater dynamism in the activities of Bar restaurants, cafés, juguerías and bars in response to the remodeling of environments, combination of drinks, variety of macerated based on Andean fruits and selected grains, active participation in fairs and refreshing promotions.

Contributed to the celebration of the tenth edition of Chilcano week and the “I artisanal beer Festival-Tacna 2019”.

On the other hand, the INEI announced that, in January of this year, the supply of catering (catering) showed a growth of 3.82% based on the major contracts of service preparation and distribution of food for events in business meetings, informational meetings for shareholders, social events, product launches, trade fairs and press conferences.

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