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Meet seven models in Nicaragua design

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In Nicaragua’s seventh edition, he designs 58 Nicaraguan models, most of them young people who are entering the world of catwalks.

We present below seven young people who have excelled this November 16 and 17.

Ervin Marin

At the age of 18, he is proud to represent the beauties of Nicaraguan art, he is from Masaya, and he says that being in a beauty pageant he reminded Nicaragua he designs, I told some friends and they told me that it was a good idea, I am filled with enthusiasm to be here, this will serve my future. I want to tell those who read us to begin to love and be proud of all the talent we have in Nicaragua.

Katherine Espinoza

She is 20 years old and was born in Estelí but has lived in Managua for 14 years, is a television presenter and producer of the online segment of Canal 4, has 10 years of modeling and shared that it is her second experience in Nicaragua she designs. For her more than a platform is a family that embraces, teaches and drives you.

Very happy to learn from other cultures through design and happy to be selected by international designers, Nicaragua Designs is an unforgettable experience for the promotion that is made in every way.

Edward Green

He is an agronomist and in 30 years of life he never imagined modeling, he is from Bluefields, Autonomous Region of the South Caribbean coast, and says that his greatest physical attraction is his hair. “They offered me modeling and I wanted to support, I saw the world of modeling as from another orbit, although I didn’t know anything and I felt a lot of intensity at the beginning, I already joined and I like it.

I tell you that Nicaragua designs in addition to promoting talent I see it as a space that breaks with machismo because I said This was only for women.

Ligia Gutiérrez Sevilla

Of the youngest, she is 16 years old and comes from Jinotepe, Carazo, it is her first time in Nicaragua she designs, “I am excited, it was my dream, I cried when I knew I had been selected to merge fashion with our culture.” She applauds that this platform supports the new models.

Joshua Avalos

Coming to Nicaragua Diseña was a matter of luck, one day I met Oscar Zelaya, now director of catwalk, and he told me that I could be a model, he motivated me and I said I’m going to go, now I’m telling you what I think I’m here… and I’m happy for this first experience because before this neither photos were taken of me,” this 18-year-old and resident of the capital, Managua, has a singular heart.

It emphasizes that modeling is not only walking, it is having physical, emotional and psychological strength and presence. “The most beautiful thing is when you take your first step on the runway, there’s nerves and anxiety. But when you walk, everything calms down, I don’t even listen because I concentrate. Nicaragua Designs is a good start to undertake modeling, the most important thing is to risk.

Stephanie Martinez Lewis

The woman with the exorbitant curls, from Managua, is 20 years old and combines work with studies, is in her last year of law. For seven years now, he has been seeing Nicaragua design at the most for his career and age, I’ve been saying This is my year and this 2018 was made to me. It’s her first time at the event, but since she was 13, she’s been involved in the modeling world.

I tell you that Nicaragua designs leaves me a great learning, the catwalk instructor has raised our self-esteem to levels that confirm how much it is worth for talent, dedication and disposition.

Yasser Espinoza

It is a well-known face in Nicaragua, model and television presenter, Yasser is in Managua and has 37 years, testifies to have been involved in the first and second edition of Nicaragua Designs, this 2018 says that it is “nice to go back to share and live new sensations with the new generation.”

I want to emphasize that I am happy to be in a very united group despite being all new and that we did not know each other, we are from all parts of the country, we get along, there are no separate groups, we meet to talk and if we bring something we share it”. Yasser ended by asking young people to spend their time on positive activities.

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