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Economic events relevant for 2019

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There are four events that can improve the performance of the economy or further deteriorate it.

2019 presents itself with several uncertainties for the march in the global economy, says Juan Carlos Martínez-Lázaro, professor at EI Business School.

The trade war between the united States and China, the Brexit, the price of oil and the decision of the Federal Reserve (Fed) from the 19th of December will mark the global agenda for the next year.

“They are the main events that, depending on their outcome, could slow down the economy or, on the contrary, maintain international growth,” he said.

See the full analysis in the video at the top of the note.

But listening to Paul talk about his children, it also shows the importance that reputation has for the people that one cherishes most: in the case of people, the family; in the case of brands, their clients. The reputation, seen in the eyes of this communicator, represents an intangible value that is nourished by our actions and examples day by day. Therefore the importance of protecting it, acting not only in the least way, but communicating our performance in a transparent, coherent and digital way.

Today, in the digital world, you create a profile, an image, which will obviously help you in your work. The world of low profile, of not telling things, doesn’t work. I promote that my clients assume leadership, that they are references in their sector, that will help them professionally, both to them and to the brand they represent. I’d say exposure is crucial. It helps relationships and becomes, when you do well, an intangible asset.

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