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Create a corporate event program with elite athletes as mentors

The Lymbus sports communication and management Agency launches a new service of company-friendly talks and corporate events, in which renowned and elite athletes will be the speakers and mentors.

Use sport as a guiding thread to inspire a company’s work teams. This is the goal of Lymbus Talks, a new initiative of the agency Lymbus, which offers corporate events as elite athletes as speakers and mentors.

The sports communication and management agency specialising in outdoor sports opens in the organization of corporate events with the Lymbus Talks, a series of talks and team building activities aimed at companies.

These talks feature the particularity that they are led by elite athletes and designed to inspire a company’s work team through sport.

Among the athletes that they can hire companies for the talks are Kilian Jornet, Nuria Picas, Chris Sharma, Marc Pinsach, Mimmi Kotka, Ida Nilsson, Emelie Forsberg, Jan Margarit or Clàudia Galicia. “Professional sportsmen and sportsmen, who are passionate about mountain and sport and have a unique history and character,” they point out from Lymbus.

In addition, the agency also launches its Corporate Events, tailor-made experiences for companies, in which workers will be able to share one day with a professional sportsman. Under the name ‘Meet and bike’, ‘Meet and trail run’ or ‘Meet and skimo’ are experiences that include a talk and sports activity led by a professional athlete, thus giving participants the opportunity to share with him a bike, mountain skiing or trail outing.

We want to help grow outdoor sport so that companies can link to the experience of an elite sportsman because we can find many similarities with the day-to-day business.

Athletes Elite

High-level athletes are considered to be those included in the annual relations prepared by the Higher Sports Council (CSD), in collaboration with the Spanish sports federations and, where appropriate, with the autonomous communities.

Our autonomous community draws up a list of elite athletes made up of athletes who, during the calendar year prior to the publication of the publication, have obtained sporting results determined by the Order of 23 April 2007 that develops decree 13/2006, of 20 January, of the Consell of the Generalitat, on the elite sportsmen of the Valencian Community. (DOGV No. 5.183, 24/01/2006). Elite athletes are also classified by group, depending on age and whether or not they participate in Olympic trials.

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