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As events such as Sonar are promoted, libraries are closed

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Barcelona has become a benchmark in music festivals. The most recent was Sonar, a four-day electronic music macro-festival that brought together 105,000 attendees. The event runs between special effects, artificial intelligence applied to music, lasers and loudspeakers with a decibel level higher than would be advisable.

Although these festivals seem harmless, even recommendable for the fun you experience, the price you pay goes far beyond what admission costs, hotel expenses, food, etc., if you come from outside. In these macrofies, pickpockets organized into groups make their August by stealing cell phones, money and everything they catch.

Another added risk is the consumption of substances. Those who want to put up with the four days without sleep, have no choice but to resort to alcohol, as a lesser evil, or drugs. The added risk is that most people do not know exactly what substances they are taking, especially if they buy them from those who offer them on the same premises. Many propose not to take anything, but it is difficult to escape if most of those around you are placed. Substance consumption at these festivals is more common than we think: an estimated 40 percent of attendees consume some kind of substance.

Sonar and similar festivals should be the closest thing to an ATM, succulent business for the Catalan administration. What I don’t think is very commendable is that, as long as these kinds of events are promoted, libraries are closed because they are expensive.

Barcelona should consider attracting another type of more sustainable and familiar tourism that would give the city a seal of quality and security, something that suffers from the alarming figures that come to us. It would have been difficult to imagine, 10 years ago, that today we would be immersed in a wave of crime and criminality. It is time for the Generalitat and the City Council to consider a change if they do not want to let the Barcelona Design die.

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