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4 tips to make your company events unforgettable

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In a previous article we tell you the keys to organize a successful business event. In addition to good budget planning and control, today we leave you 4 tips to make the event unforgettable.

Generates expectation

The priority is to meet the public who will attend the event to make it unique. No matter if it is a purely “business” Act, you must connect with the participants to make it a success, and generating expectations is fundamental.

  • You can use “save the date” emails where you give small requests for information.
  • Generate movement on social networks. Depending on the magnitude of the event, you may be interested in making communications to the media to discuss it.
  • If you have a special guest, and you don’t want to reveal the name, leave clues about his personality, work or qualities, sowing doubt.


Get out of the” classic ” email with the event data, which has less chance of being open and of course of impressing, and creates something different, Interactive, a balance between creativity and seriousness.

You can even create a specific landing for the event where guests confirm their attendance. In addition, if any information is required, it can also be collected more efficiently than by counting response emails.


Having a speaker at your event that dynamizes, guides the act and delivers a speech is a fundamental part, but it can be a real challenge as it is critically relevant to engage the audience and make them part of the speech.

There was a time when practically the only criterion for choosing a good lecturer was his fame. But that moment has already passed, as the level of expectations the audience is looking for in a speaker has increased considerably. The chosen person serves as a link between the audience and the presentation and sometimes even serves as a claim and appeal to generate a call and attract the public to the event.

Hiring a speaker with communicative and motivational skills and resources in front of the audience offers many advantages. It manages to reinforce the message, create memories in the attendees and maintain the attention of the public, taking the event to another level.

There are companies that help to choose the perfect person, something that can cause difficulties due to ignorance. Aurum Speakers Bureau emerged as a response to the needs of those who are aware of how stressful the process can be. His team has years of experience and has worked at events in more than 50 countries around the world and has a wide portfolio of candidates who are experts in all kinds of topics.

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